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  • Zirconia is a kind of mineral that exists in nature as oblique zircon. Medical zirconia has been cleaned and processed, and a small amount of alpha-ray remnants retained in the zirconium have a very small penetration depth, only 60 microns.


  • Zirconia all-ceramic tooth is a high-tech cosmetic restoration method developed in recent years. It is made through computer-aided design, laser scanning, and grinding by computer programs.


  • Dental implant refers to a way to support and retain the upper dental restoration based on the lower structure implanted in the bone tissue. Including the lower part of the supporting implant and the upper part of the dental restoration, mainly for the treatment of tooth defects and missing.


  • Removable dentures include removable partial dentures and complete dentures.It uses the remaining natural teeth, the mucosa and bone tissue under the base as support, relies on the retainer and base of the denture for retention, uses artificial teeth to restore the shape and function of the missing teeth, and uses base materials to restore the defective alveolarThe shape of the ridge, jaw and the surrounding soft tissues is a kind of restoration that patients can remove and wear by themselves.


  • PFM Crown is the full name of porcelain fused to metal restoration, which refers to the restoration made by melting ceramic powder with the help of high temperature under vacuum conditions and bonding it to a specially treated metal surface.


  • How to straighten buck teeth? What needs to be done? Buck teeth need to go to the hospital for a detailed dental examination. If there are no contraindications, braces can be used to regulate the growth of teeth. This process is long, and it will take about 1-2 years to complete!