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Physical impressions

We pick up and delivery packages all go through Hongkong.

Avoid any custom clearance problem,and get your parcels at the earliest time.

Any questions,please contact us:

Digital impressions

Wanmei dental lab is here to help with your digital scans,

let us cut out the back and forth and get what your patients need faster,saving the time-cost the postage,

We can connect with all majoy digital intraoral platforms,select your platform below and follow "how to connect” guide.

3Shape communicate



Sirona Cerec



If your platform is not listed, contact us: or +86 13828866729


To connect your Trios 3shape scanner with us:

1. Visit

2. Login to your 3Shape Communicate account. If you do not have an account, please click on “create new account” link and proceed to register for one before moving to the next step

3. Click Connections on the navigation bar

4.Click Add Connection button

5. Enter "" in the field. Make sure the “Show me Labs” option is ticked and then click Find

6. Select “Wanmei Dental Lab” in the result. Click Connect.

7. Once we approve your connection request, the status of Wanmei Dental Lab will change from “Waiting for approval” to “Active”

8. Go to you TRIOS scanner, select Configure > Lab Connections. Select Communicate for External Connection Method. Click Refresh. Make sure that Wanmei Dental Lab appears in your Communicate list.


To connect your Sirona scanner with Wanmei Dental Lab:

1. Login to your Sirona Connect account via

2. Click on My Favourite Contractors

3. Click on Search Recipients to expand the search criteria

4. Select County China

5. Enter the Zip Code 518103

6. Click Start Search

7. Click the plus (+) icon in the add column of Wanmei Dental Lab and confirm the request

8. After performing a scan session on your scanner, you will be able to click on Connect, login and send the impression to Wanmei Dental Lab

If you have further questions regarding Sirona Connect services, we suggest you contact Sirona Connect Technical Support via 1300 766 843.


To connect your Medit scanner with Wanmei Dental Lab:

Login to your Medit Link account.

On the left-hand side select Partners

In the search bar type in ""

Then click on Request Partnership.

We will then receive a request through our Medit Link and you will be notified by email through Medit Link once we have accepted the connection.

Follow the steps below when send us scans:

Head over to your Case Box and click on the case which you would like to make an order for

In the Case Details page, click the Order button and fill in the Order Case form accordingly and select Wanmei Dental Lab as the partner.

Click OK and head to the Order Box to check that the order has been listed.

The order will be reflected as Pending until we accept the order.


To connect your iTero scanner with Wanmei Dental Lab:

1. You can contact iTero support on +86-18929364826 or you can contact the sales representative you purchased the scanner with.

2. Give them our details Wanmei Dental Lab,

3. If you have any issues with this, we can make the call for you to connect our accounts.

Follow the steps below when sending your scans to us:

1. On the treatment information screen, under case type select iRecord.

2. Under ship to select, Wanmei Dental Lab.


To connect your Carestream with Wanmei Dental Lab:

1. Login to CS Connect

2. In the toolbar, click .

3. In the Partners window, click Invite a partner.

4. In the Email field, enter

5. In the Message box, either leave the default text or write your own message.

6. Click Send.

7. The invitation message is sent to the Laboratory and a Partner entry is created in the list of Partners.

8. Once we have accepted your request you will be notified by email through CS Connect.

Follow the steps below when send us scans:

1. In the Case List, select a case and click .

2. In the Case submission dialog box, select a Wanmei Dental Lab from the drop-down list.

3. Click Next. The Case Specifications form appears.

4. Select the required case details.

Note: The Next button in each section is greyed out until all the required details have been selected.

5. Click Next to move through the web form.

6. In the final section of the form, to specify an optional due date, click in the Due date field and then in the calendar that appears, select the required date and time (or just a date without a time). To delete a due date, click .

7. Click Submit.

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