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What should we do after a dental implant?

What should we do after a dental implant? Dental implants are also called artificial dental implants. There are ten advantages to doing dental implants. Dental implant is not really a natural tooth, but a medical method. The pure titanium metal with high compatibility with human bone is precisely designed.(layered zirconia) It is made into a cylinder or other shape similar to the root, and implanted in the alveolar bone of the edentulous area by a surgical operation. Porcelain crowns are made on the root of the tooth. So what should we do after a dental implant? 1. There are many precautions after dental implants. First of all, you should pay attention not to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth within 24 hours, because frequent rinsing will lead to bleeding teeth. However, you can rinse your mouth with mouthwash after meals to prevent food residues in your mouth. ( China outsourcing dental lab) 2. Postoperative routine use of antibiotics. For simple implant surgery (small number of implants, short operation time, and good recovery of the patient's body), oral antibiotics are given after surgery, and complicated implant surgery requires intravenous antibiotics to prevent infection. 3. Due to the difference of the patient's constitution and surgical process, there may be different surgical reaction. Some patients have mild or no reaction and discomfort, and some may have local edema and ecchymosis, which would lasts for about 3-5 days. (Digital dental lab) 4. It is necessary to take antibiotics after dental implants to prevent oral infections.There will be some mild pain and discomfort after dental implants, and painkillers are not required. However, if the pain is severe, a small amount of pain medication can be taken. The pain usually disappears after 24 hours. (China Dental lab) 5. Don't eat too stimulating or chew too tough food after the dental implant, because the root tissue is easily damaged, and the implant is relatively brittle, and it is not easy to repair.
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