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  • ​Porcelain crown and bridge is a crown and bridge, which means that there is a missing tooth, and the two healthy teeth before and after the missing tooth are used to achieve fixation. Restoration with porcelain crowns and bridges. The crown bridge is like a bridge, with a pier on both sides and a bridge in the middle, but the bridge is made of a metal base, which is fired with porcelain to form a white color and shape, which is about the same size as a natural tooth, and looks like a real tooth. like teeth.


  • During sports activities, especially some vigorous sports, athletes are often at risk of oral and dental injuries. This risk is especially important for athletes who wear braces, as normal braces can be knocked or otherwise subjected to external forces, causing oral injury and tooth damage.


  • Dental veneer is a technique of tooth whitening and restoration. Dental veneer restoration is to paste a layer of material similar to normal tooth color on the surface of stained teeth to cover the color on the teeth. This technology has been widely used in stomatology and is popular among consumers.


  • Many people have overcrowded or crooked teeth. Orthodontic treatment straightens teeth, or moves them into a better position.


  • Stumbling on the road of life, also inevitably need to go through countless injuries and pain. When you are growing up, you will have relatives to shelter you from the wind and rain. When you are working, you will also have friends and colleagues to accompany you. On the field of competition, you will also have sports protective braces to escort you in fierce collisions.


  • The main advantages and disadvantages of dental veneer.


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