• Dental veneer is uniquely thin as lenses veneers that give patients a beautiful natural, nice smile without any abrasion or cutting of sensitive tooth structures. Traditional veneers are more thicker and need cutting or grinding of your own tooth structure.


  • Dental veneer technology can repair teeth according to the shape of the alveolar bone without damaging the teeth and gums, not only It is suitable for teeth with too large gaps, and can be easily solved for tooth defects, severe tooth coloration and uneven teeth.


  • Dental implants are also called artificial dental implants. There are ten advantages to doing dental implants. It is not really a natural tooth, but a medical method. The pure titanium metal with high compatibility with human bone is precisely designed.(layered zirconia) It is made into a cylinder or other shape similar to the root, and implanted in the alveolar bone of the edentulous area by a surgical operation. Porcelain crowns are made on the root of the tooth. So what should we do after a dental implant?


  • The missing teeth will always bring a lot of uncomfortable things to patients, such as bad chewing, speech leakage, etc. These problems often cause troubles and hope to be repaired. Currently, dental implant restoration technology very popular, So the point is, how long do dental implants last?


  • Zirconia materials are widely used, especially on high-precision density instruments, such as aeronautical equipment, etc., because of its high strength and density, anti-cracking and toughness of the toughness, can support 6 units. The above porcelain bridges, thus treating some long bridges that are not possible to do.


  • At present, there are many total porcehalaine teeth materials on the market, such as aluminum oxide, zirconia, etc. Therefore, more and more people are also accepted.