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  • Stumbling on the road of life, also inevitably need to go through countless injuries and pain. When you are growing up, you will have relatives to shelter you from the wind and rain. When you are working, you will also have friends and colleagues to accompany you. On the field of competition, you will also have sports protective braces to escort you in fierce collisions.


  • The main advantages and disadvantages of dental veneer.


  • 3D printing teeth are more expensive, but they work better, they can be used accurately, and the technology is quite mature.


  • Porcelain crown and bridge is one of the best ways to improve the damaged tooth. What is porcelain crown and bridge? In dental lab industry we call it PFM, which is a fake tooth that can be wearing and it looks same as the real tooth. You can’t eat or chew when you just wearing a PFM, so there are a lot of things to pay attention to after surgery. You need to know more to avoid any harm to your new teeth. So what foods can't you eat after PFM dental surgery?


  • Temporary crown and bridge is an important step in fixed restoration. During the period from the preparation of fixed restorative teeth to the formal wearing of teeth, it is necessary to make a temporary crown and bridge for the patient. Its function is to protect the pulp, ensure the normal position of the gingiva, restore the anatomy, maintain the correct occlusal relationship and restore part of the masticatory function.