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China dental lab All Ceramic- IPS Emax

IPS Emax all ceramic system (porcelain veneer, ultra-thin veneer)

Ips-e.max all ceramic system not only has the aesthetic effect of the second generation of cast porcelain, but also includes the inner crown material with high strength and high biocompatibility. It has an unparalleled effect of pure and natural teeth, completely concealing the need of high-end aesthetic restoration. The first choice of aesthetic restoration can choose different crown transparency.

1. HT (highly transparent), a-d16 color BL is suitable for 0.3mm ultra-thin veneer.

2. LT (low transparency), a-d16 color series BL color system BL is suitable for 0.3mm ultra-thin veneer.

3. Mo (moderately opaque) and moo-mo4 are suitable for most cases.

4. Ho (highly opaque) hoo-ho4 is suitable for Discoloring teeth or covering metal structure (metal nail implant superstructure, etc.)

Suitable for: front single crown veneer, three unit bridge and posterior inlay.

Suggestion: the doctor should provide the color matching of abutment teeth to the factory.

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