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Ultra-thin veneers, the future trend for comestic denture


Dental veneer, the trend for comestic denture Dental veneer is uniquely thin as lenses veneers that give patients a beautiful natural, nice smile without any abrasion or cutting of sensitive tooth structures. Traditional veneers are more thicker and need cutting or grinding of your own tooth structure. E.max veneer are clinically proven to last up to 20 years. In most cases, ultra-thin veneers are completely removable because they do not damage the healthy tooth structure. Your own teeth are still intact, healthy and strong. And there are no restrictions on eating and drinking. However, patients should receive semi-annual dentist visits and cleanings to maintain ultra-thin veneers and the patient's own teeth to keep them a priority. Dental veneer is an emerging dental beauty technology popular in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. It adopts the advanced bonding technology to preserve the vital pulp and not grind the teeth.discolored teeth and deformed teeth are bonded and covered with high-tech porcelain restoration materials to restore the normal shape of the tooth and improve its color. grinding or anesthesia is not required, and are perfectly designed in 3D to achieve lasting beauty. (1) Non-grinding - protects the tooth tissue, does not irritate the gums, and can maintain the long-term health of natural teeth. (2) Better Shade - the gums can be flattened during tooth preparation, and the irritation to the gums is very small, and there is no problem of discoloration of the gums caused by the metal ions of the metal-porcelain teeth. (3) Beautiful and long-lasting- it has good transparency and shading properties. Because it does not contain any metal components, the aesthetic effect is excellent, and the "black line" phenomenon common to porcelain teeth will not appear. The high quality of the porcelain veneer itself Abrasion resistance and the whitening effect that can be achieved without coloring. (4) Comfortable and not falling off - E.max veneer restoration preserves most or even all of the lingual shape, effectively protecting the opposing teeth. Wanmei dental lab is a reliable China outsourcing dental lab focusing on dental veneer and all kinds of restorations for many years,we are dedicated to providing life-like,nice smile to people.