About Us

Our story:

Wanmei Dental Lab(WDL) is a digital full-service dental lab from Shenzhen,China.Established in 1992,WDL focuses on Reseach and Development to produce the highest quality and industry-leading dental restorative products.

WDL starts its outsourcing service from 2008,and have been serving clients from US,UK,Europe, Israel,Australia….


Our scale:

Nearly 100 experiedced technicians  in the 1500 square meters'factory ,everyone of 100 technicians is highly skilled and talented in their respective area.


Our QC:

A designated QC checks in every step,every case not be allowed to next process before them pass QC.Our training programs and Quality Control Procedures are wholly surpervised by our Chief Technical Officer,Professor Liao,with over 30 years experience of dental lab,specializes in full range of aesthetic restoration.


Our material:

We use only FDA Registered and CE,ISO certificates safe materials.


Our product:

Fixed Restoration:Veneers, Zirconia, Emax, PFM, Full Cast, Composite in/onlay...

Removables:FrameworkAcrylic DentureFlexible Denture,Valplast Partial...

Implants: Custom Abutment, Implant Crown & Bridge, All on 4,All on 6,Malo bridge....

Orthodontics:Space Retainer,Occlusal Splint,mouth guard...


Welcome to contact us:info@wmdentallab.com,+86-13828866729

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