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Porcelain teeth need to be disassembled when...


Porcelain Fused on Metal

Porcelain teeth have to be disassembled in these situations.

1. Black gums

This is also the most common situation after wearing low-quality porcelain teeth. It is popular because of its low price, but the gums will appear black during long-term wearing. This is because non-precious metal porcelain teeth oxidize in the mouth It becomes a gray oxide and settles on the gums for a long time, causing black lines on the gums. If it is not removed in time, gingivitis, periodontitis or even tooth loss may occur.

2. Causes tooth decay

If the doctor fails to prepare teeth, the tooth model is not refined, the porcelain tooth processing factory technology is not in place, and the edges are not tight after wearing, it will provide favorable conditions for bacteria. These bacteria enter the crown but cannot come out. You can only watch your teeth slowly finish. I really lost my wife and broke the soldiers. In this case, you must take it apart.

3. In the case of untreated periodontal disease

Some dentists and patients were eager to achieve success when they were making porcelain teeth. They did not make a detailed assessment of the gum periodontal. For example, they have gum inflammation, gingival redness, and atrophy. Installing porcelain teeth without treatment resulted in a The series of problems should be removed as soon as possible.

4. Porcelain teeth broken porcelain

What kind of processing plant do you choose, and do patients treat porcelain teeth roughly? Use it to know, what will happen if it collapses? The sharp edge of the broken porcelain will cause trauma to the tongue and lip mucosa, and the metal will be exposed after the broken porcelain, and the chemical reaction will occur under the action of long-term food friction and saliva.

5. Failed to prepare the tooth