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Who is suitable for porcelain teeth?


Porcelain teeth are commonly known as dental crowns and braces. They are made of inert metal and porcelain. The inner crown is a layer of metal material, common nickel-chromium alloy, titanium alloy, cobalt-chromium alloy. The outer crown is porcelain powder. By high-temperature sintering and fusion. Porcelain teeth have both the strength of metal and the beauty of porcelain. It is an effective method for repairing tooth defects.

It is recommended that you do not choose to make porcelain crowns just for the sake of quickness and beauty. Still need to integrate your own situation and see if you are suitable for porcelain teeth. And don’t fall into the “low price trap” of porcelain teeth because of the advertisements advertised outside.

Generally speaking, to make porcelain teeth, only the surface of the tooth needs to be evenly rubbed off about 1.5-2mm. The degree of this removal will not damage the dentin. It is of course not cost-effective to wear off the original healthy teeth just for the sake of beauty, but for those who have problems with their teeth, the restoration of porcelain teeth is a good choice:

Suitable range:

⊙ Severe tooth decay has been treated with root canal treatment, fragile teeth without nerves
⊙The tooth defect is large, even the single tooth is missing
⊙ Tooth discoloration or poor tone, such as enamel hypoplasia, tetracycline teeth, tapered small teeth, etc.
⊙The tooth shape is special and unattractive, and it is not suitable for correction at the same time (abnormal teeth, misaligned teeth)

⊙ Partial occlusion is abnormal

However, in the process of molar grinding, if the doctor's skills or materials do not meet the standards, then the result is not very satisfactory. In addition, molars can damage the gum tissue or pulp, and even make the porcelain teeth do not tightly adhere to the original teeth. The edges of the porcelain teeth stimulate the gums and make the gums swollen and painful, resulting in periodontal disease.